Does Producing Extra Semen Make You Extra Potent?

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In terms of well being, love and presumably cash, extra could also be higher. However what’s the inside track in the case of the quantity of semen produced with ejaculation? Does extra imply extra efficiency or higher fertility?

Humorous factor is, this difficulty actually runs deep with males. In a number of religions, semen is treasured and may’t be spilled or wasted. All through human historical past, this liquid has some critical gravitas; in actual fact its significance is…await it…seminal.

A Poker Hand

As a male fertility specialist, I’ve reviewed actually lots of of 1000’s of semen samples from tens of 1000’s of males. From this expertise, I’ve concluded {that a} semen pattern is sort of a hand of playing cards. Every measurement, equivalent to semen quantity, sperm focus, motility and form, is sort of a poker card with its personal worth or which means. However collectively additionally they have a bigger which means or “look” that may have scientific significance. For instance, if the semen quantity and the sperm focus are each low, then this might replicate one thing known as retrograde ejaculation, wherein semen preferentially goes backwards into the bladder as an alternative of ahead by means of the penis into the true world. In essence, the large image issues most, and as with many issues in life, the “look” and never the quantity issues extra for semen.

Bigger Hundreds

Though one might imagine that unleashing an even bigger load of semen makes you extra of a person, exterior of pornography, the info don’t bear this out. There is no such thing as a actual correlation of semen quantity or pressure of ejaculation with testosterone ranges, virility, erectile functionality, sexual competence or fertility. Semen quantity has much less to do with manhood than merely the scale of the seminal vesicles that produce it, as these paired inner organs behind the prostate are the primary contributors to semen quantity. And since, sperm enters the semen from separate channels main out of the testicle, their numbers are comparatively unbiased of semen quantity. Subsequently, excessive quantity ejaculates might in actual fact have decrease sperm concentrations as a consequence of dilution points. Nonetheless, fertility is usually unaffected both means, so no worries right here.

Smaller Spurts

The story is kind of completely different when semen volumes are low (< 2 mL). When this happens, my curiosity perks up significantly as there are just a few good causes for having a low ejaculate quantity.

The commonest amongst them is incomplete assortment. Typically males merely miss the cup and hit the wall as an alternative. That is particularly frequent on the primary try at procuring a semen pattern as males should take into consideration what they’re doing (and acquire the pattern) whereas ejaculating. I check with this as “first pattern syndrome” and it sometimes goes away with extra expertise and repeat samples.

If the seminal vesicles are lacking or blocked, as a consequence of genetic or acquired problems, ejaculate volumes are sometimes low, and fertility is impaired.

With low testosterone ranges, semen volumes may also be lowered as intercourse gland secretions are Vitamin T-dependent usually.

Medicines equivalent to alpha blockers for prostatic enlargement or finasteride for hair loss may impression semen quantity by decreasing manufacturing within the seminal vesicles.

Lastly, medical circumstances equivalent to diabetes and a number of sclerosis and procedures involving the again and decrease belly can redirect ejaculate towards the bladder as an alternative of the skin world, inflicting lowered semen quantity.

So, semen quantity is extra reflective of a person’s biology than his manhood. This implies if you wish to enhance it, spend time excited about tips on how to keep wholesome: eat nicely, sleep nicely, preserve a lean physique weight, and eat a balanced eating regimen. Train usually and cut back your stress. These are the forces that matter most for intercourse and semen.

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