Coil reactor allows on-demand gasoline introduction to move chemistry reactions

The Gasoline Addition Module II (GAM II) from Uniqsis is a coil reactor that allows gasoline to be launched ‘on-demand’ to reactions carried out underneath flow-through situations by diffusion by way of gas-permeable membrane tubing.

Coil reactor enables on-demand gas introduction to flow chemistry reactions

Picture Credit score: Uniqsis Ltd

Utilizing a GAM II – your gasoline and liquid phases don’t come into direct contact with one another at any level. Because the gasoline dissolved within the flowing liquid part is consumed, extra gasoline quickly diffuses although the gas-permeable membrane tubing to switch it. For chemists seeking to carry out environment friendly carbonylation or hydrogenation reactions – the novel design of the GAM II ensures that the flowing liquid part doesn’t include any undissolved gasoline bubbles, thereby delivering better stability, constant move charges and reproducible residence instances.

Accessible in 2 completely different variations – the GAM II may be cooled or heated simply as with extra typical coil reactors. To make sure essentially the most environment friendly warmth switch, the usual outer reactor tubing may be manufactured from 316L chrome steel. Alternatively, a thick-walled PTFE model of the GAM II is offered that gives each improved chemical compatibility and visualization of the response combination by way of the opaque tubing partitions. Based mostly upon a regular Uniqsis coil reactor mandrel, the GAM II coil reactor is absolutely suitable with their full vary of high-performance move chemistry programs and different reactor modules.

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