New technique to create an inexpensive and fast COVID-19 check based mostly on isothermal amplification

Russian researchers have developed a method to create an inexpensive and fast COVID-19 check based mostly on isothermal amplification. In line with their publication in Utilized Biochemistry and Microbiology, use of this technique will make it attainable to create common check methods for any of the COVID-19 variants.

There are a number of choices for methods that detect traces of SARS-CoV-2 in human blood or secretion samples. They normally detect both scraps of COVID-19’s pathogen RNA utilizing polymerase chain response (PCR) and its analogues, or antibodies to COVID-19.

Often, numerous time is required for such a check, from half-hour to a number of hours, which is why researchers are in search of new, sooner strategies to detect antibodies or COVID an infection.

Julia Makarova, Affiliate Professor on the HSE School of Biology and Biotechnology, is working along with her colleagues on one other different to PCR checks that’s based mostly on so-called loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). This testing strategy permits for multiplication of sure DNA or RNA fragments from bio samples with using particular markers and ferments of extremophilic micro organism that reside in sizzling springs.

The important thing benefit of LAMP over PCR is that every one reactions might be made on the identical temperature. This simplifies and hurries up the method. However these methods are rather more difficult to develop and have a number of drawbacks, which has beforehand restricted their use in COVID-19 check methods.

The Russian researchers developed a method that can assist overcome these drawbacks and provides healthcare professionals a possibility to make use of LAMP testing to detect traces of any COVID variants in samples of mucus and blood with out preliminary processing in a laboratory.

In line with Dr. Makarova, it will lower the price of COVID-19 checks significantly and velocity up the method, since no specifically educated professionals or costly gear might be wanted.

The virus mutates fairly quick, and the check methods that have been created a yr in the past could also be not as efficient as they was. We analyze the mutations and are in search of essentially the most steady components of the virus genome. This can assist create check methods that acknowledge all the present variants and, importantly, the brand new variants which might be showing.”

Julia Makarova, Affiliate Professor, HSE School of Biology and Biotechnology, Nationwide Analysis College Greater Faculty of Economics

To resolve this problem, HSE biologists are in search of components of the coronavirus genome that don’t change a lot over time. They’ll function markers that micro organism ferments will use to transform the COVID RNA into DNA and multiply it additional. Mixed with the present LAMP system elements, they’ll assist create a common COVID-19 testing system, which is able to have the ability to shortly detect traces of any COVID variants, the researchers concluded.


Nationwide Analysis College Greater Faculty of Economics

Journal reference:

Makarova, J. A., et al. (2021) Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification as a Promising Methodology for Mass COVID-19 Diagnostics. Utilized Biochemistry and Microbiology.

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