ProteoGenix launches new XtenCHOTM Transient CHO Expression System to enhance biologics improvement

ProteoGenix, a contract analysis group specialised in biologics discovery and bioproduction, broadcasts the launch of its XtenCHOTM Transient Expression System. As a result of its enhanced plasmid stability and optimized metabolism, the brand new proprietary mammalian cell-based expression host achieves as much as ten instances greater yields with much less hands-on time in comparison with current options. The brand new CHO host goals to simplify recombinant protein manufacturing and speed up early section drug screening.

XtenCHOTM was developed by ProteoGenix from the parental cell line CHO-K1 by engineering its genome to exhibit properties that in the end maximize protein manufacturing yields. In comparison with different commercially accessible CHO techniques, the brand new cell line has enhanced robustness, recovering shortly after thawing and performing properly even in suboptimal situations.

Its ultra-high yields end result from the concerted impact of utilizing an optimized animal component-free development medium, one-step extremely environment friendly transfection reagent and ultra-high expression vector. These parts work collectively to scale back untimely plasmid loss and create a 3 to ten-fold enhance in transient gene expression (TGE) yields compared to  market-leading CHO techniques.

The brand new host has been used and optimized by ProteoGenix’s specialists for the previous 5 years to supply over 3500 recombinant proteins. These have included antibodies from a number of species, isotopes and codecs, similar to bispecific antibodies, ADCs and nanobodies. As well as, a lot of non-antibody proteins have been produced, together with extremely practical enzymes, membrane-bound receptors, cytokines, interleukins and transcription components.

As a part of its mission to assist analysis labs world wide, ProteoGenix has launched its XtenCHOTM Transient Expression System Equipment for widespread use inside the life science analysis neighborhood. This follows in depth testing and optimisation by the ProteoGenix crew. With the flexibility to carry out superior protein folding and human-like post-translational modifications, XtenCHOTM has confirmed to be very best for the small and medium-scale manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies.

The brand new XtenCHOTM system produces monoclonal antibodies which might be indistinguishable from biopharmaceutical-grade biologics produced in steady techniques. This eases course of scalability and reduces the dangers when transitioning from the bench to the clinic.”

Dr. Raphaël Hopfner, CSO and Co-Founder, ProteoGenix.

We needed to create a product that may not solely pace up the method of early drug improvement, but additionally to make it safer, extra versatile, accessible, simpler to combine into current biologics discovery workflows and cost-effective reagents to attain excessive yields.”

Philippe Funfrock, CEO and Co-Founder, ProteoGenix.

XtenCHOTM Transient Expression System is for Analysis Use Solely.

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