Researchers purpose to separate truth from fiction for “anti-aging” diets

In a Overview, Mitchell Lee and colleagues try to separate truth from fiction for so-called “anti-aging” dietary interventions. Additionally they discover these diets’ potential shared mechanisms of motion. For nearly a century, caloric restriction and different dietary interventions have been recognized to increase life span and delay age-associated illness – a minimum of in laboratory animals – however simply how these interventions work stays unclear.

What’s extra, regardless of the latest popularization of a few of these diets, equivalent to ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting, the efficacy and security of those diets for people has but to be established exterior of a laboratory setting. Right here, Lee et al. summarize the present literature regarding essentially the most studied anti-aging dietary interventions – those who seem to delay or reverse the hallmark molecular mechanisms of ageing. Whereas these interventions are nicely studied in mannequin organisms, like mice, flies and yeast, it isn’t at present doable to know whether or not comparable diets have an effect on organic ageing in individuals, based on the authors.

Analysis thus far reveals that the physiological penalties of those dietary interventions are advanced, even within the easiest mannequin organisms; it has additionally revealed intriguing similarities throughout anti-aging diets. In keeping with Lee et al., a standard mechanism for anti-aging diets could also be associated to the inhibition of the protein kinase mTOR. This evolutionarily conserved signaling pathway might present a molecular goal for medicine that might show helpful for rising well being longevity in people.

“Future analysis ought to give attention to each higher understanding the mobile and molecular mediators of anti-aging diets beneath extremely managed laboratory situations in addition to the affect of genetic and environmental variation on well being outcomes related to these diets,” write Lee et al.


American Affiliation for the Development of Science (AAAS)

Journal reference:

Lee, M.B., et al. (2021) Anti-aging diets: Separating truth from fiction. Science.

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