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the male pill
Questioning if there’ll ever be a “little pink capsule” for male oral contraception (Courtesy Unsplash)

I do know you’re questioning: What’s up with the male capsule? Precisely the place are we with male contraceptives aside from condoms or vasectomy? Effectively, it’s an excellent time to ask because it’s now very clear that the need for options to vasectomy is nice and rising. Research of {couples} across the globe discovered that 25-75% of them would use a male hormonal contraceptive. That implies that between 44 million and 130 million males in these 9 surveyed international locations alone would think about a male capsule. That’s a necessity certainly!

A Storied Previous

Contraception has been outlined by improvements on the male facet for nearly 5000 years:

3000BCE: Proof of condom use constructed from animal bladder or gut or linen fabric in Crete and Egypt.

1800 BCE: Spermicides made by combining crocodile feces and fermented dough in Egypt

1830: First vasectomy carried out in a human by R. Harrison in London. Its recognition rose dramatically after WWII. The primary nationwide program for vasectomy was launched in India in 1954

1855: The primary rubber condom is made by…look ahead to it…Charles Goodyear, who later invented the rubber tire.

During the last century, nonetheless feminine contraceptive improvements surpassed male contraception prefer it was standing nonetheless and feminine contraceptives are at present the popular alternative for many {couples} by a large margin (5:1). What occurred right here? Essentially the most obvious subject is that funding has been sporadic as pharmaceutical firms haven’t been considering growing male drugs as a result of excessive improvement prices and the worry of lawsuits.

The Male Pipeline

Approaches to male contraception contain  stopping sperm manufacturing, rendering sperm immotile so that they don’t transfer, or blocking the exit path from the testicle. They are often hormonal, non-hormonal or surgical in nature. There’s at present one hormonal male contraceptive in scientific trials: a non-oral testosterone-progesterone gel utilized to the pores and skin every day to show off or flip down sperm manufacturing. The aim is to cut back sperm to lower than 1 million/mL within the semen. The questions are whether or not it could actually do that reliably in all males (bear in mind the gold commonplace is vasectomy which is 99.99% efficient) and whether or not hormonal unwanted side effects are tolerable: zits, moodiness, modifications in intercourse drive or erections. In spite of everything, having important sexual unwanted side effects from a capsule that goals to take the concern out of intercourse type of defeats the aim, wouldn’t you say?

There’s additionally good analysis growing on a sperm binding agent known as Eppin that renders sperm immotile so they simply sit there and may’t attain the egg to fertilize it. It’s being billed as “non-hormonal” and “reversible” nevertheless it has solely been proven to be efficient as an immunocontraceptive in monkeys (i.e., primarily a vaccine). It’s not clear to me how full the sperm motility block generated with this capsule will be, as everyone knows that sperm like to wiggle. Additionally, I’m not fully positive how reversible something is with the human immune system because it actually remembers every part that it has ever seen. Thus far, this strategy has not seen scientific trials. Lastly there’s ADAM*, a non-hormonal, non-oral, hydrogel polymer “plug” that blocks the circulate of sperm within the vas deferens with out interrupting fluid circulate. It’s primarily a “display door” for sperm and needs to be an enchancment over the basic 100-year-old vasectomy, particularly if it lives as much as its promise of being reversible. It’s additionally in scientific trials proper now. So, there’s lots of window procuring in male contraceptive analysis proper now, however no accessible product stock.

Vasectomies Rule

So, it seems that we’re left with the great ole’ vasectomy. Tried and true, nonhormonal and compliance-free, nothing on earth beats it when it comes to reliability. In actual fact one of many causes it’s so well-loved is that you just don’t have to consider doing one thing each time intercourse is contemplated. All set to go, time after time after time. And, it has new and improved variations together with the no-scalpel vasectomy, the Brosectomy® and the Nitrous-powered vasectomy, all developed with the aim of creating the process as a lot of a “non-experience” as doable.

*Disclosure: I counsel this firm.

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