[Updated 2021 Model] ULTRA Fast No Contact Thermometer ET-05

[Updated 2021 Model] ULTRA Fast No Contact Thermometer ET-05

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Looking for a good & affordable no-contact thermometer?

Forehead thermometer ET-05, provides the fastest temperature readings of any thermometer type.

Traditional contact thermometers can carry bacteria for weeks, Thermometer never touches your forehead, so it’s 100% safe, which means minimal disinfection is needed if you’re using the thermometer for multiple people, because there’s no actual contact with the skin.

Just hold the thermometer near your forehead and press the button for a precise reading in less than one second – its fast, gentle, and convenient!

The Most Effective Thermometer - Non-contact operation prevents cross-contamination
Multifunctional - Forehead And Ear No-Contact Thermometer
Fast And Easy Usage - One second readings
Intelligent Fever Indicator - Fever alert when temperature exceeds 99.5°F
Backed By Clinical Studies
✅ Super Accurate Readings
✅ Safe And Secure
Convenient “Object” mode lets you  measure an object’s temperature

No Contact Thermometers

A forehead thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the heat emitted by the temporal artery in the forehead. Most models require gently pressing the probe to the temple to get a reading, but ET05 no-contact model only require holding the thermometer a couple of inches from the forehead.

Nurses find it to be extremely accurate; recommend taking temperature 3 times and
Gentle stroke of forehead captures naturally emitted heat from skin over temporal artery.

No-contact forehead thermometers like ET05, however, are less likely to disturb a sleeping child, because you only have to hold it 1 to 6 inches from the forehead and scan it across the forehead to get a reading.

Also, minimal disinfection is needed if you’re using the thermometer for multiple people, because there’s no actual contact with the skin.

Traditional contact thermometers can carry bacteria for weeks, which means you could accidentally give your child a bug while checking for one!


YOSTAND® ET05 Digital Thermometer is backed by clinical studies and recommended by medical professionals. To deliver accurate results and ensure excellent performance, we adopt an upgraded processing system, applying the updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip. It is faster, more reliable and safer.


Taking your temperature with our ET05 Multifunction forehead / ear thermometer is as simple as pointing, and pressing a button. It uses infrared technology, and can show readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

temperature modes


Equipped with fever warning system, the thermometer for fever will indicate temperature status with corresponding lights and beeps.


Digital Thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, infants and elders. It not only supports forehead or ear function, but is able to take room/object temperature. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable.

While all forehead thermometers can provide a temperature reading via the forehead, some models actually allow you to take readings in other ways as well. You can find thermometers with both forehead and ear modes, so you’re able to scan the forehead or insert the probe into the ear canal to take a temperature.

Ear temperature readings can sometimes be more accurate, but inserting the probe into the ear isn’t advised for newborns and can disturb children who are sleeping. With a multifunction thermometer, you can switch between the two temperature-taking modes depending on your needs.

Our thermometer has been clinically tested and found to be a fast and absolutely reliable gadget to use. It is ideal for forehead and ear readings, and have a very small error margin (0.1°F for body mode, and 1.0°F for ambient mode) It is actually more accurate and safer than standard mercury thermometers.

Display Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
Body Mode: 32~42.9°C / 89.6~109.2°F
Surface Mode: 0~100°C / 32~212°F
Accuracy: Body Mode: (+/-)0.2°C/0.4°F; Surface Mode: (+/-)1°C/1.8°F
Measuring Distance: 2 inches / 3-5 cm
Measuring Time: 1s
Auto Shut Off: 30s
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries (NOT Included)
Operating Conditions: 16~35°C / 60.8~95°F; ≤85%
Storage Conditions: -25~55°C / -13~131°F; ≤90%


Q: How accurate are forehead thermometers?
A: A forehead thermometer usually provides readings that are one-half to 1 degree lower than an oral thermometer would. However, because a forehead model provides its readings by measuring the heat from the temporal artery in the forehead, and arterial temperature is often the most accurate indicator of body temperature.

Q: Is it necessary to sanitize a forehead thermometer?
A: While a forehead thermometer only comes into contact with the forehead, it’s still possible for germs to be present on the skin. To avoid passing germs between members of your family, wipe down the probe or sensor area of the thermometer with an alcohol wipe after each use. If you have a non contact model that doesn’t require the sensor to touch the skin, it’s a good idea to clean the probe anyway because accidental contact can occur.

Q: What type of batteries do forehead thermometers use?
A: It varies from model to model. However, most forehead thermometers require two AAA batteries (not included).


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